Claudia Benvegnu, L.Ac., Ph.D.
(650) 369-0374


The Acupuncture Wisdom clinic was established by Dr. Claudia Johnson Benvegnu, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist near Stanford University in 1996. She practices using the best of both Eastern and Western medicine.

Her professional background includes receiving her doctorate from Cellular, Viral and Molecular Biology, University of Utah (’88). She did medical research for 10 years, with positions at Stanford University (NIH fellowship) and University of California, San Francisco.

This scientific experience allows her to better understand and be able to explain the meaning of a patient’s Western medical diagnosis. She can then also integrate this understanding into the treatments and herbs she prescribes.

Following her medical research, she studied at Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in San Francisco (now called Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley). She was very inspired by learning the inclusive, gentle, and supportive system of Chinese Medicine. She gained new insights about mind-body wellness and she found treating patients to be very fulfilling.

Dr. Benvegnu has specialized in herbal prescription, studying privately with Dr. C.S. Cheung. Dr. Cheung is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist, U.S. licensed M.D., and a founder of American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco.

Claudia has been devoted to the research and practice of Chinese Medicine in treating pain, menopause and many other complaints. She has made a special emphasis on the nutrition and herbal supplements which are available to naturally improve balance.

Even mild symptoms have meaning and can benefit from treatment. Treating mild complaints keeps us from progressing toward more serious disease.

Many patients come to Dr. Benvegnu seeking alternatives to conventional medications that cause negative side effects and are ineffective at treating complaints that they have been told are “untreatable”. Many of these patients experience significant improvement.

The combination of Claudia’s understanding of modern scientific findings with the herbal “translation” of how to apply those findings safely is an advantage.

Dr. Benvegnu has successfully treated over 13,000 patients in her clinic. Her research and clinical practice have provided her with extensive knowledge and direct experience of “what works” for treating complaints in our current culture.